The talented software-geeks at Resolume were nice enough to feature our blog about our live setup on their blog! Hope posting this blog about it doesn’t create some kind of circular reference wormhole that ruins the internet for everyone.

Resolume creates the super slick software (Arena) that we use to control the video side of our live show. Feeling pretty honored right now.


We’re going to Italy for the KERNEL FESTIVAL!

We’re one of the official selections this year. Can’t wait to perform, learn, and share with some of the world’s most talented A/V artists. June 29th - July 1st

Cyber-Hermits, Guilt, & How We Built Our New Live Show

Musicians, programmers, mappers, visual artists, and all of you other wonderful creative people of the internet, I have a confession to make. Over the last few years I have been silently climbing in your forums and snatching your knowledge up, trying to collect and hoard all of the pieces we needed to make our new live projection mapped show possible.

Fortunately, we were able to make it happen with the power of the almighty internet, the passionate communities of creative/supportive people that it connects, and your free web-wisdom.

Here’s the thing that has been bugging me though: I visit a bunch of sites on a daily basis (I owe a lot especially to the forums/blogs at Resolume, Create Digital Music & Motion, Kineme, and 1024 Architecture) but I hardly ever leave a comment, ask a question, or share anything in return. Shame on me.

In an attempt to shed some of the guilt that comes with being a thieving, greedy, info hoarding, good-for-nothin’ cyber-hermit, I decided to give a little back and put together a geek-tasticly detailed overview of how we ended up connecting and operating our new show.

Here’s a picture of our video pipeline to give you a taste:

You can read the original Google Doc in it’s full glory here or scroll through the document after the break below.

Okay, so now that I’ve fully confessed and made a small payment on my debt… I beg you, please have mercy on me and don’t take my internet connection away. I promise to be a contributing member of the interweb from here on out!

Forever yours,


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Courtney and I recently finished our new projection mapped live show. We decided to take footage from our debut shows and make this little demo video to share with y’all on the interweb.

All audio and video clips are triggered and manipulated in sync from our MIDI controllers. Our silhouettes are masked/tracked in real time using a Kinect and a bunch of neat software. So much fun to play live!

For all of my fellow A/V geeks out there, here’s a quick list of what I use to create and run the video side of this show:

/// Hardware ///
- Hitachi CP-A100 short throw projector
- Microsoft Kinect for silhouette masking and joint tracking
- MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz i7
- MIDI controllers: 2 SPD-S drum pads, a joystick controller, and a SoftStep foot controller

/// Software ///
- Resolume Arena 4 (MIDI synced to Ableton Live)
- Adobe After Effects & Photoshop
- Quartz Composer (custom compositions using Syphon and Synapse patches to feed silhouette tracking info in/out of Resolume)
- IR Mapio
- Synapse
- Syphon QC & FFGL

Next stop: 3D motion graphics & hopefully some touring. Wish us luck!

Special thanks goes to:
All the wonderful people who donated to us on Kickstarter & made this possible.
Justin Bergonzoni, Todd Hailstone, and Mike Thompson for the footage.
Lucas Bang for helping me research projection mapping and Kinect masking.

Our cat, Moonshine, made this little video blog post about our new EP and live show. That was pretty cool of him.

You can listen/download to “Sierra Papa Tango” here

Special thanks to:
Barrett Applegate for helping Moonshine find his voice.
Justin Bergonzoni and Todd Hailstone at Light Forge Studios for the live footage.

Here’s our new music video for “Apollo Repeat” directed by the Thompson Brothers at Light Forge Studios!